thx @google and all for #GTAC2009

Its been awesome to be part of the “Google Test Automation Conference 2009” – thanks to all the G|Zooglers giving Patrice and me their votes.

my random notes just now:

  • the goal is to have simple code
  • tools are still way too complex
  • wave has surely proved its potential – here is the index of all the sessions
  • testing leads to both confidence in the product and guidance of the programmer
  • “can you risk not having had that test?”
  • there is a “swiss testing day
  • i am glad i could visit with my bike and not by plane 🙂
  • Google canteen is great and the offices are like a fairy tale or a parallel universe
  • Just had to open up twitter with #grac and met Federico right next to me 🙂
  • students from universities cannot program 🙂
  • Find some quotes here

some worthwile sessions:


so far for now… and here is what i took home: